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Posted by napalmblast - October 21st, 2019

I really want to start going through my old art and updating it with the new tricks I have learned. These pics may end up in the game i'm currently creating.


Posted by napalmblast - December 17th, 2018

Narration:: After being separated from her team, Mercy finds herself in an old abandoned Talon base. While walking down a corridor she hears a loud crash of something breaking. Following the direction of the sound, she soon finds herself in front of a large door. A sign read Bio-metric augmentation. its then that shuffle noises can be heard from the other side. She slowly enters to find a starting sight. Alone... in the darkness...sits Widowmaker Talons top assassin. Mercy nervously grips her staff tighter. Looking around the she notices Widow's rifle in pieces on the floor and her visor thrown across the room. looking back, widow is now looking directly at her. Widows face was that of pure remorse and eyes red from tears.

Widow: An... Angela?... Is that you or am i seeing things again? What brings you to such a rechid place... the only thing here ghosts, broken dreams and ruined lives...It is a house of misery... and you should have come armed.


Angela: "What makes you think i didn't?" Mercy states as she points her pistal in widow's direction. " Now...what are you doing here..

Widow: While on a mission Sombra hacked my vizor...in doing so...cause it short and malfunction. It surged and sent a charge through my body... and then something happen...

Widow: I'm starting to remember things...more of who i was...how i was...and how i felt. They took that from me. They took everything from me so that they could have to the perfect assassin. You should kill me here and now... i deserve it... for what i've done... and before i do it again.

Angela: Amélie...

Widow: I killed them all... without a shred of shame or remorse. Ana, Tekhartha, and anyone else Talon saw a threat...oh my god...Gérard!...My love!...Forgive me. They turned me into a weapon...one that should be destroyed..please...Angela please kill me.

Narrator: Tears now cascading down Widow's cheek.

Angela: Amélie...I don't think that..

Widow:"End my wretched existence Angela ! Please do as your name states and show me... mercy.


Narration: Standing in silence for a moment Mercy tightens her grip on the pistal. Widow prepares for the incoming shot and suddenly...

tck* tck* tck*

Narration: Widow looks up to see Mercy had thrown away her gun. Mercy kneels down and embraces the distraught assassin.

Widow: Angela...i...

Mercy: It's not your fault Amélie. Talon is the one at fault here...for all the the pain. For all the destruction. I'll do whatever i can to help you...but i will not punish you for actions that were not your own.

Widow: Such sentimental nonsense...there is no hope for me. no matter how much i want it.

Narrator: Silently, Widow pulls a dagger and prepares to plunge into Mercy's back... and then stops.

Angela: There is always hope...and and i will always be there to help...all you need to do...is ask. Please don't give up on yourself like this.

Tink* tink* tin* tink*

Narrator:Widow drops the Dagger and tightly wraps her arms around Angela. Her tears flow like rivers down her cheek.

Wdow: Angela...please...save me.


Posted by napalmblast - December 17th, 2018

Since tumblr has run a lot of the Adult artist off of their platform, I wanted to help to bring more trafic to Newgrounds so that we will still have a nice place to peddle our smut pics and games.

Posted by napalmblast - October 15th, 2007